Raincheck, a personal project, is a patented umbrella stand that indicates the weather outside with subtle & pleasant lighting.  Handcrafted from walnut wood, Raincheck is a beautiful addition to the home, with a dash of smarts.  This project has been a labor of love for me, and a deep dive into all aspects of product design (electrical engineering, hardware engineering, 3D modeling, industrial design, manufacturing, materials).

One of the core driving goals of this product is changing where we consume information, keeping it lightweight and moving it to the place where it should be consumed.  With connectivity to the internet, we can now think of product design with a completely new dimension -- products can, and should be, reinvented from the ground up.  Why have a phone tell you that you need your umbrella when the stand can?

Raincheck has been very well received from the press, having been featured in Maxim, Core77, Hypebeast, PSFK, and Yanko among others.