Jessie J 

Role: Framework Developer

Working with the agency Droga 5, we created a realtime-multiplayer-music-video-game using Flash connected to a NodeJS server. The game server finds 5 other players closest to your location to play a game of virtual musical chairs with you.  While watching Jessie J's "Laserlight" music video, all 6 users will reach the same stopping points through the video where they must move their mouse to make their "laserlight" reach one of the targets in time. One user is left out every round, until one person wins in the end. Badges and coupons for Vitamin Water are also handed out along the way based on achievements. I mostly developed the framework for the site using Robot Legs in AS3 and localized it for 8 languages and 18 countries.  I also worked closely with Simon Cave, who developed the game server and game play behavior, Will Adams, who programmed the visuals for the lasers, and Eric Heaton who worked on most of the server side development.  

Awards: FWA SOTD