Google Interpreter

role: Creative Technologist, UX Research Lead

“There’s no older problem facing humanity than helping two people who don’t speak the same language communicate,” Pendar Yousefi, UX lead for Google Translate

I led a year-long effort at the Creative Lab in playing with Translate’s conversation mode beyond mobile phones — simply trying to think of how Translate might exist in a public space.  It involved a lot of physical & software-based protoyping and user testing. 

When the Google Assistant and Home devices launched (the "Home Hub", in particular), a much more natural home was found for all that work.

Below are a few snaps from the process (the rendering below as a collab with industrial designer colleague Isaac Blankensmith).  

DSCF3231 (1)DSCF3231 (1)
DSCF3234 (1)DSCF3234 (1)