Creative / Product Designer / Technologist
& Pop Sensation

I like to make things

I enjoy the entire process of it; the upfront research of getting in the user's head, observing behavior, finding tensions, and defining a problem. I'm often collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to brainstorm clever solutions.  While I love to prototype quickly and keep things scrappy and nimble, I love to plan & design larger systems and the components that make them up.  In the end, I am fulfilled in knowing I've made an educated leap into the design & release of a product that has enhanced the quality of someone's life, even in the slightest.

Where I came from


I’m currently a Creative Lead at Google, where I’ve been leading a team on a new product at the intersection of hardware and software.  I started in May of 2014 at the Google Creative Lab, building fun ideas and prototypes before arriving here.  

In the past couple years I’ve filed product patents both at Google and for personal projects, and I’ve expanded my skillsets into the physical space, becoming proficient in material (especially woodworking), 3D modeling, and product design in general.

Before joining Google, I co-founded Modern Assembly (read FWA interview here), a creative technology studio that worked with Al Gore, Coca Cola, Droga5, BBDO, Unicef and other wonderful clients in designing and building connected experiences that leverage data, behavior and culture in creative ways.  It was an incredible experience, and I learned a ton about running a production company.

After receiving my Bachelors in Computer Science at UC Irvine, I started my career as an interactive developer at 65 Media in Los Angeles, before moving to B-Reel (both Los Angeles and New York offices), an internationally renound film & creative technology production company from Sweden.  


Raincheck, a personal project, is a patented umbrella stand that indicates the weather outside with subtle & pleasant lighting.  One of the core driving goals of this product along with others I create is to disseminate information to the right places to consume it.

Raincheck has been very well received from the press, having been featured in Maxim, Core77, Hypebeast, PSFK, and Yanko among others.

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